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Variety 12-Pack

We're not going to pick your favorite. Grab a variety 12-pack with 4 of each of our Electrolyte Refresher flavors – Lemonade, Wild Blueberry, and Tropical Mango.

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  • Premium Electrolytes

    700mg of naturally sourced electrolytes with 73+ trace minerals.
  • Magnesium

    Known as the "anti-stress" mineral. Regulates stress hormones and can help improve mood.
  • Vitamin B

    100% of essential Vitamin B6 and B12 to help support energy production, mood, and focus.
  • L-Theanine

    An amino acid found in green tea that can promote relaxation without drowsiness.
  • Ashwagandha

    An adaptogenic herb known for its ability to help manage stress and anxiety.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it caffeinated?

You won’t be wired or jittery. Our hydrating wellness-ades are not caffeinated.

Is it carbonated?

No bubbles. Just vibes. Our first line of hydrating wellness-ades are not sparkling or carbonated.

Do you ship internationally?

At this time we are only shipping in the United States of America. We are working with our fulfillment team to introduce international shipping locations, but timing is TBD.

As we grow, we plan to build out more product lines that will have international availability.

Does Leisure need to be refrigerated?

No. Leisure is shelf stable, but is best served chilled 😎