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Hydration Shakes: Leisure x Alec's

Name something more iconic than a milkshake in the summer... we'll literally wait.

That's why we partnered with our besties over at Alec's Ice Cream to bring you a hydrating twist to the nostalgic summer time treat. These creamy yet refreshing milkshakes bring a whole new meaning to happier hydration.

Each purchase gets you
- The Leisure Variety Pack: 12 Cans Total

    4 Cans of Lemonade

    4 Cans of Tropical Mango

    4 Cans of Wild Blueberry

- Alec's Super Sampler: 6 Pints Total

    1 Pint of Chocolate Chocolate Chip

    1 Pint of Honey Blueberry Lavender 

    1 Pint of Matcha Chocolate Chip

    1 Pint of Mint Chocolate Chip

    1 Pint of Salted Caramel Latte

    1 Pint of Tahitian Vanilla Bean

And Free Shipping! Leisure Hydration and Alec's Ice Cream are shipped separately. 

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Hydration Collab

Meet The Brand

Alec's Ice Cream

As life-long ice cream connoisseurs, true flavor fanatics, and happy ambassadors to the regenerative organic farming movement, the team at Alec's was inspired by the idea of ice cream utopia—a world where one loves the planet just as much as they love ice cream. So they created an ice cream that’s unquestionably delectable, friendlier on tummies, and produced with ingredients that make a positive impact on our planet. Better taste, better for you, and a better future—what are you waiting for? Dig in!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it caffeinated?

You won’t be wired or jittery. Our hydrating wellness-ades are not caffeinated.

Is it carbonated?

No bubbles. Just vibes. Our first line of hydrating wellness-ades are not sparkling or carbonated.

Do you ship internationally?

At this time we are only shipping in the United States of America. We are working with our fulfillment team to introduce international shipping locations, but timing is TBD.

As we grow, we plan to build out more product lines that will have international availability.

Does Leisure need to be refrigerated?

No. Leisure is shelf stable, but is best served chilled 😎